Tri Hita Karana Based Subak in Strengthening Character and Social Studies Learning Outcomes

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I Wayan Kertih
I Wayan Widiana


Tri Hita Karana, character, social science studies, learning outcomes


It is a common belief that the higher is the optimal learning, the greater are the results in enhancement of character and students’ learning outcomes. A major role is often played by the application of Subak (water management system) based on Tri Hita Karana (three causes of happiness and prosperity). This study aimed to analyze the role of Tri Hita Karana based Subak in strengthening the character and enhancing the learning outcomes of elementary school students. This quasi-experimental research design utilized the post-test group design, with a sample size of 60 students, divided into experimental class and control class with 30 students each. The data was collected through a test and a questionnaire. The test instrument comprised 10 questions while the questionnaire contained 30 statements, to measure learning outcomes. Quantitative descriptive analysis and inferential statistical analysis were the data analysis methods used, with MANOVA as the data analysis technique. The results indicate that there is a positive effect of the application of Tri Hita Karana based Subak learning on students’ character and learning outcomes. The results revealed that the average value of students' character and student learning outcomes taught with Tri Hita Karana based Subak learning was higher. In addition, the research findings also indicated that the learning outcome variable was strongly influenced by the Tri Hita Karana-based Subak learning.


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