Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

Emotional Competence and Emotion Socialization in Preschoolers: The Viewpoint of Preschool Teachers

Sükran Kılıç
Department of Early Childhood and Education, Aksaray University, Aksaray Turkey


The aim of this research is to thoroughly investigate preschool teachers’ opinions about emotional competence and emotion socialization. The study group was comprised of 20 preschool teachers working in preschools in the city-center of Aksaray. A semi-structured interview form prepared by the researcher was used as the data collection tool. Data was analyzed using descriptive analysis methods. As a result, teachers explained emotion socialization as a teacher helping children feel comfortable expressing themselves within the framework of sharing and cooperation of the children’s own emotional competencies. Teachers often expressed supporting and developing the classroom environment for emotional competence as a secure environment that is warm and comfortable for self-expression. As for the emotion socialization methods used in the classroom environment, teachers mainly expressed supporting children, encouraging children, and talking. Teachers explained that they mostly express their emotions verbally. Within the scope of the teachers’ emotional competence, they mostly said being a model and being an empathetic teacher. Teachers expressed that as far as being a role model in emotional competence and emotion socialization, their role is more important than parents’. They stated that they feel adequate with their work skills but they mostly need the help of parents and other professionals, as well as educational support.

Emotional competence and emotion socialization, Preschool period, Teacher opinions, Qualitative research.