Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

The Effect of Active Learning Techniques on Class Teacher Candidates’ Success Rates and Attitudes toward their Museum Theory and Application Unit in their Visual Arts Course

Oguz Dilmac
Department of Art Education, Atatürk University, 25100, Erzurum Turkey.


The purpose of this study is to examine the effect that using active learning techniques during museum and gallery visits has on teacher candidates’ academic success rates in and attitudes toward their Visual Arts Course. In this study, the importance and requirement of education to take place in museums and art galleries is emphasized. The research was conducted during the fall term of 4th year students’ 2013-2014 academic in the Visual Arts Education course of Ataturk University’s Kazim Karabekir School of Education’s School Teaching Art Education Department. The present study had a semi-experimental design, included an experimental group (n = 30) and a control group (n = 30), and used pretest and posttest measures. Semi-experimental pattern’s pretest – posttest test control group model were preferred in this study, realized by using a combined method research. In this study, realized by using a combined method research, semistructured interview forms were used to obtain the qualitative data. Sixty 4th year teacher candidates studying in the School Teaching Department participated in the research. As the result of the research, it was observed that museums and art galleries have positive effects on teacher candidates’ attitudes toward active learning.

Museum education, Visual arts education, Raising teacher, Active learning, Teacher candidates.