Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

Evaluating the Professional Development Program Aimed Technology Integration at the Era of Curriculum Change

Öner Uslu
Department of Educational Sciences, Ege University, Erzene Mah. Ankara Cad Bornova, İzmir 35040 Turkey


Learner-centered and constructivist instructional activities have been emphasized in Turkey’s curriculum since 2005. However, teacher-centered activities are still seen in class. Professional development programs (PDP) are viewed as an important initiative for this paradigm shift, yet in most cases are inadequate at providing it. As such, evaluation studies on PDPs are important for improving their effectiveness. The aim of this research is to evaluate a course on educational technology by using the holistic evaluation model (HEM), which contains the dimensions of context, input, process, participants’ learning, organizational culture and change, new knowledge and skills usage, student-learning outcomes, and cost analysis. Mixed method has been used, and data has been collected using interviews, questionnaires, pre/post-tests, and document analysis. The findings show important issues to exist in terms of both context and organizational support and change. Despite these problems, teachers improved their abilities and changed their in-class activities. However, new implementations were mainly based on teacher-centered instructional activities. Nevertheless, these new in-class implementations have a certain type of positive effect on students. Moreover, the HEM is acceptable as a useful and effective evaluation model.

Teachers’ professional development, Technology integration, Testing program evaluation models, Holistic evaluation model, Program evaluation.