Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

Detection of Gender related DIF in the Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety Scale

Jongmin Ra
Department of Education, Kookmin University, Seoul, 136-702, South Korea
Ki Jong Rhee
Department of Education, Kookmin University, Seoul, 136-702, South Korea.


A fundamental challenge to understanding effects of foreign language anxiety on the foreign language learning lies in implementing reliable and valid measures. Considering importance of measurement bias and widespread usage of the foreign language classroom anxiety scale (FLCAS) in education, the aim of the current study was to detect differential item functioning (DIF) in FLCAS due to male and female students, which threatens the validity of FLCAS. Results showed that gender related DIF appeared in FLCAS. Out of 25 items of FLCAS, two items were found to exhibit gender related DIF after correcting inflated Type I error. Such results implied that what previous studies called gender differences in the mean levels of foreign language classroom anxiety might have just been response differences to FLCAS due to some of gender related DIFs on FLCAS.

Differential item functioning, Foreign anxiety, Gender difference, Graded response model, IRTLRDIF.