Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

Starting Teachers’ Integration of ICT into Their Teaching Practices in the Lower Secondary Schools in Turkey

Aydın Aslan
Yahyalar Durali Bezci Lower Secondary School, Yenimahalle, Ankara 06210 Turkey
Chang Zhu
Department of Educational Sciences, Pleinlaan 2, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.


The objective of this study is to investigate the factors influencing the integration of ICT of starting teachers in lower secondary schools in the Turkish context. Both quantitative and qualitative research was implemented for this objective. The participants were selected according to a stratified two-stage sampling design. That is, they were supposed to have graduated from one of the six state universities which were determined according to the population size of the universities in relation to three highest and lowest numbers of studying pre-service teachers. They were teachers who teach Turkish, social sciences, elementary mathematics and science in the lower secondary schools to represent teachers teaching in both social sciences and science teaching branches. The study showed that perceived competence in ICT integration and pedagogical knowledge are significant predictors for starting teachers’ integration of ICT into their teaching practices. Teachers should have opportunities to access to ICT resources to integrate ICT into their teachings effectively. Besides, changes are necessary in curriculum and assessment systems to enable teachers to facilitate teaching with ICT.

Starting teachers, ICT integration, ICT competency, Lower secondary schools, Mixed research method.