Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

Transformational Leadership and Student Academic Performance in Iraq Educational Institutions: Mediating Role of Teacher's Leadership and Teachers Self-Efficacy

Rabaa Mazhair
English Department, college of education/ Al-Farahidi University/Baghdad Iraq
Ihsan Abdali Naif
Department of Media/Mazaya University College\ Iraq
Mizher Khlif Hsony
Al-Manara College for Medical Sciences/ (Maysan)/Iraq
Haady Abdilnibi Altememy
College of Islamic Sciences/ The Islamic university in Najaf, Iraq
Israa Abed Jawad
Department of education/ Al-Nisour University College/Iraq
Mohamed Amer Alseidi
Al-Hadi University College, Baghdad,10011, Iraq
Sajad Ali Zearah
Scientific Research Center, Al-ayen University, Thi-Qar, Iraq
Qusay Shafeeq Tawfeeq
College of Arts, Department of Media/ Al-Esraa University, Baghdad/ Iraq
Hedab Rasoul Sharif
College of Nursing/ National University of Science and Technology, Dhi Qar, Iraq


The present research effort determined the academic performance of higher education sector of Iraq that is prejudiced by the various leadership factors. This study incorporated the teachers’ self-efficacy and teachers’ leadership as mediators between transformational leadership and academic performance. The study was conducted on the higher education sector of Iraq and data was collected through questionnaire by employing the simple random sampling and was assessed by utilizing the Smart-PLS 4.0 to test the relationship between proposed variables of the research framework. The study revealed that transformational leadership influence the academic performance, teachers’ self-efficacy and teachers’ leadership. The hypotheses H1, H2 and H4 reported as statistically significant, however the direct relationships between teachers’ self-efficacy and academic performance, the relationship between teachers’ leadership and academic performance found to be insignificant that hypotheses H3 and H5 were rejected. Surprisingly, the teachers’ self-efficacy and teachers’ leadership significant mediates the relationship between transformational leadership and academic performance, they hypotheses H6 and H7 were accepted. The study suggests to adopt the transformational leadership style and focuses to ensure the develop the teachers’ self-efficacy, develop the leadership skills among teachers in order to ensure the academic performance. The future research avenue is given at the end of the present paper.

Transformational leadership, teachers’ self-efficacy, teachers’ leadership, academic performance, higher education sector Iraq.