Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

A Model Of Ict-Based Educational Information System To Improve The High Schools Vocational Culinary Art Skills in Indonesia

Louisa Nicolina Kandoli
Study Program of Family Welfare Education, Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Negeri Manado, Indonesia


Information and communication technology (ICT) is a fundamental necessity in vocational high school education.
Vocational culinary art skills procedure is not only a means of keeping up with technology developments but also includes
proper application in the instruction process. In actuality, several obstacles inhibited the utilization of ICT to administer
school-based learning and instruction. When teachers can use ICT as a source of academic information to improve the quality
of student learning, ICT will unquestionably be valid. Therefore, this study aims to examine a model for the evaluation of
ICT-based information systems (IS) in enhancing culinary arts skills in Indonesian vocational high schools. After completing
the pre-development and development phases, it was determined that the ICT-based IS operational and suitable for use by
teachers. The data was collected from 19 technical high school teachers. We used both random and systematic sampling
techniques. These data were compiled using interview guides and a poll of teachers. Seventy-five percent of teachers at
vocational high schools were found to be proficient in the use of ICT in the classroom. Still, the results also indicated that
Vocational teachers lacked the essential training and resources to integrate ICT into their classrooms effectively. These
findings contributed to the body of knowledge and might be regarded as a pioneering study in the specific field of vocational
culinary art skills

Model, ICT, Vocational, Cullinary, Indonesia.