Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

Strategies to Increase Employee Performance Productivity of Private Higher Education Institutions in Indonesia by implementing a Growth Mindset and Work Engagement

Marianus Subandowo
Universitas PGRI Adi Buana, Surabaya. Indonesia
Iwan Winardi
Kemdikbud-Ristek, Jakarta, Indonesia


Every university always strives to be a superior university, for the role of employees in higher education organizations is the key to the success of higher education. The interest of employees in universities cannot be ignored. It is essential because humans are the ones who manage the resources in universities. This study aims to determine strategic indicators to increase the productivity the performance of employees of private higher education institutions in Indonesia by implementing a Growth Mindset and Work Engagement. The study enrolled 140 employees from Indonesian higher education institutions. Purposive sampling was used to pick participants in this study, where selection was made purposely based on specified criteria and established in accordance with the research objective.  The results of this study describe four strategic indicators, namely, placing employees following their interests and expertise, perceived organizational support, training development, and knowledge management. employees who apply growth mindset and work engagement with a high level of involvement usually already understand the goals of the work program at the university and can organize their work so that it is aligned with the organization's strategy at the university. Employees have a person's perspective to be motivated and related to the state of employee fulfillment which is characterized by high energy during work, a sense of enthusiasm, feeling important and proud of work, and focusing on enjoying work so that they can work effectively so that individual and team productivity increases.

Performance Productivity, College, Growth Mindset, Work Engagement.