Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

Beliefs of mathematics teachers on motivation and action learning models in classroom learning process: indonesian perspective


Motivation has played an important role in the Indonesian curriculum of mathematics. Mathematics Teachers used action learning models as innovative measures to motivate students and improve mathematics teaching and learning processes. One of the methods included giving positive feedback and developing respectful relationships with their students. The primary objective of this study was to explore how mathematics teachers believed and implemented the concept of motivation and action learning. The sample population consisted of 350 teachers from 50 public and private high schools in Indonesia. An online survey and interview were used to gather data needed to answer the formulated research questions. An interactive analysis method was used to evaluate the data provided by the respondents and determine the teacher's belief in the concepts of motivation and action learning. The results of the study showed 75% of respondents believed that students had high motivation in learning Mathematics. Teachers also believe that students can master complex mathematics concepts when they feel motivated. The participants noted that action learning helped motivate students and enabled them to engage in collaborative tasks. This approach is recommended to improve the mathematical skills of students. Future quantitative studies can be carried out to determine the extent to which the use of the two concepts affected academic performance in mathematics classes.

Action Learning • Learning Process • Mathematics • Motivation • Teachers.