Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

Internalization of Huma Betang in Cultural Counselling: Learning Perspective


This study was inspired by the wisdom and philosophy of the Central Kalimantan Dayak tribe named Huma Betang philosophy. The Betang philosophy symbolizes the journey of nobleness and self-wisdom of the Dayak people. It transcends the boundaries of collective awareness about unity within the diversity to internalize cultural values. This study attempted to identify the philosophical values of Huma Betang from a cross-cultural counseling perspective, and to understand the internalization of Huma Betang philosophy in students and its implementation in their behavior. The study used participatory qualitative methods, statistical quantitative techniques and purposive sampling. The data was collected through observation, interviews, and documentation for qualitative analysis and the pre-test and post-test method for quantitative analysis. The results of this study revealed four values of Huma Betang's philosophy in the cross-cultural counseling context namely, namely, Hapahari, Handep, Belom Bahadat, and Hapakatkula. It was also known that the values of Huma Betang philosophy can be internalized through transformation, transactions, and trans-internalization, three principles to be practiced by students. The study recommends implementing Huma Betang's philosophical values actually in students’ behavior, to develop a sense of unity and continuity, cooperation, and mutual respect. It is also suggested to instill the values of Huma Betang philosophy as a permanent element in the process of education and learning in schools and colleges.