Educational Sciences: Theory & Practice

ISSN: 2630-5984

Formation of Soul Leadership Model in Indonesian Middle Schools


Soul leadership is generally a result of cultural and spiritual integration of some personality factors developed through a coordinated effect of family, school and society in general. This study aimed to develop a model of formation of soul leadership in Khairul Imam Medan Middle School, Indonesia. The rationale behind such a study was that several evil practices have been observed in schools among students such as high crime rate, free sex, drug use, bullying, theft, and brawling. Adolescents are prospective leaders of our nations in the future and indulgence in such activities deteriorates leadership characteristics in them.  This study, using a mixed-methods paradigm in the form of a case study, collected data through observation, interviews, and documentation review.  The data generated were analyzed with a descriptive model comprising steps like data collection, data condensation, data presentation, and conclusions. The data from the school archives was measured for its validity through statistical methods, triangulation methods, and holding a member check. The results of this study show that the soul leadership model can be formulated with the coordination between family and school to develop early leadership traits like discipline, communication skills, and time management. The study recommends the integration of intra-curricular and co-curricular activities to optimize the formation of soul leadership.