Published: 2022-04-14


The Effect of Cognitive Style, Critical Thinking, And Digital Literature on Argumentative Writing Skills

Ninuk Lustyantie, Yetti Suriyati, Fathurrahman Nur Isnan, Ramli, Rivo Panji Yudha
Abstract 131

Page 27-35

Adoption of e-Learning in Indonesian Higher Education: Innovation or Irritation?

Herry Porda Nugroho Putro , Sutarto Hadi, Ismi Rajiani, Ersis Warmansyah Abbas, Mutiani
Abstract 124

Page 36-45

Development of E-book Teaching Materials in Improving Student Literacy

Jasrial, Sulastri, Andra Saputra, Muhammad Kristiawan
Abstract 173

Page 62-77

Learning the Indonesian Language: A Fact from International Students

Gde Artawan, I Made Suarta
Abstract 73

Page 90-100

Preventing COVID-19 Spread at Home of Thai University Students through appropriate Psycho-Behavioral Model

Anonglak Punpromthada, Duchduen E. Bhanthumnavin, Duangduen L. Bhanthumnavin, Kosol Meekun, Shuttawwee Sitsira-at, Saran Pimthong, Anan Yaemyuen
Abstract 121

Page 101-115

The Sociology of Reading Among Malaysian Youths: Building A Culture of Reading to Enhance Environmental Awareness and Develop Pro-Environmental Behavior

Rasiah, R, Kaur, H., A.H. Baharom, Turner, J.J., Habibullah, M.S., Awang Marikan D.A., Singaram, N.
Abstract 71

Page 116-128

Analyzing Learners’ Needs and Designing Digital Comic Media to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Totok Bintoro, Fahrurrozi, Ika Lestari, Indari Nur Aini
Abstract 94

Page 129-140