Published: 2022-04-14


The Effect of Cognitive Style, Critical Thinking, And Digital Literature on Argumentative Writing Skills

Ninuk Lustyantie, Yetti Suriyati, Fathurrahman Nur Isnan, Ramli, Rivo Panji Yudha
Abstract 290

Page 27-35

Adoption of e-Learning in Indonesian Higher Education: Innovation or Irritation?

Herry Porda Nugroho Putro , Sutarto Hadi, Ismi Rajiani, Ersis Warmansyah Abbas, Mutiani
Abstract 333

Page 36-45

Development of E-book Teaching Materials in Improving Student Literacy

Jasrial, Sulastri, Andra Saputra, Muhammad Kristiawan
Abstract 401

Page 62-77

Learning the Indonesian Language: A Fact from International Students

Gde Artawan, I Made Suarta
Abstract 105

Page 90-100

Preventing COVID-19 Spread at Home of Thai University Students through appropriate Psycho-Behavioral Model

Anonglak Punpromthada, Duchduen E. Bhanthumnavin, Duangduen L. Bhanthumnavin, Kosol Meekun, Shuttawwee Sitsira-at, Saran Pimthong, Anan Yaemyuen
Abstract 204

Page 101-115

The Sociology of Reading Among Malaysian Youths: Building A Culture of Reading to Enhance Environmental Awareness and Develop Pro-Environmental Behavior

Rasiah, R, Kaur, H., A.H. Baharom, Turner, J.J., Habibullah, M.S., Awang Marikan D.A., Singaram, N.
Abstract 178

Page 116-128

Analyzing Learners’ Needs and Designing Digital Comic Media to Improve Student Learning Outcomes

Totok Bintoro, Fahrurrozi, Ika Lestari, Indari Nur Aini
Abstract 203

Page 129-140

Cultural Literacy Development of 10th, 11th, and 12th Graders in a Lithuanian Multicultural School

Daiva Jakavonytė-Staškuvienė, Giorgi Kobakhidze
Abstract 38

Page 155-172

Systematic Review as a Strategy for Learning Scientific Research: An Experience with Law Students

Dr. Yasmina Riega-Virú, Mg. Mario Edison Ninaquispe Soto, Mg. Rosa Luz Beltrán Ponce, Dr. Juan Carlos Oruna Lara
Abstract 61

Page 173-184

Impact Assessment of Internal and External Factors on the Effectiveness of the Russian Education System

Almaz Rafisovich Gapsalamov, Vladimir Lvovich Vasilev, Tatyana Nikolaevna Bochkareva, Elvir Munirovich Akhmetshin
Abstract 48

Page 222-233