Published: 2019-10-30


Individual, Family, Peer, and School Risk Factors for Teacher Victimization

Anna Sorrentino, David P. Farrington
Abstract 305 | PDF Downloads 293 | DOI

Page 1-13

Factors Associated with Reading Comprehension of Secondary School Students

Lin Wu, Martin Valcke, Hilde Van Keer
Abstract 182 | PDF Downloads 181 | DOI

Page 34-47

Statistical Analysis of Students’ Behavioral and Attendance Habits in Engineering Education

Vanessa Ibáñez, Sergio Pérez, Josep Silva, Salvador Tamarit
Abstract 123 | PDF Downloads 120 | DOI

Page 48-64

How to Survive in Academia: Demands, Resources and Study Satisfaction Among Polish PhD Students

Konrad Kulikowski, Anna Potoczek, Emil Antipow, Szymon Król
Abstract 129 | PDF Downloads 143 | DOI

Page 65-79