The Relationship between Diversity Management, Job Satisfaction and Organizational Commitment in Teachers: A Mediating Role of Perceived Organizational Support

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Aysel Ateş
Ali Ünal


Diversity management • perceived organizational support • job satisfaction • organizational commitment • teacher


The purpose of this research was not only to detect if there is a relationship between diversity management, perceived organizational support, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment in schools but also to prove the theoretical model which included organizational support as a mediator between diversity management, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. The population of the research was that 10,915 teachers who work in the 2017-2018 academic year at secondary schools of Istanbul's European Side. The sample was 675 teachers who were selected by multi-stage sampling. Personal information form, the scale of diversity management, perceived organizational support, organizational commitment, and job satisfaction were used to collect data. First, explorative and confirmatory factor analyses were used for analyzing data, then the theoretical model which was developed for this research was tested. The partial mediation role of perceived organizational support was confirmed in the relationship between diversity management, job satisfaction, and organizational commitment. The theoretical model was not refused. Moreover, the significant high-level positive direct relationship between variables was fastened down. According to the findings, managing diversity enforces teacher's perceived organizational support, and strengthened organizational support perception influences high-level positive direction both in their job satisfaction and organizational commitment. It is suggested that school administrators make an effort to manage diversities between teachers instead of ignoring them and utilize them to accomplish the school's objectives.


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