Study and Practice on Teaching Model Reform of Popular Singing Major Based on Local Comprehensive Colleges and Universities

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Li Sun


Popular Singing, Comprehensive Colleges and Universities, Teaching Model, Reform


With the promotion of the popular singing cause by the media platform, popular singing has become a hot topic in all walks of life. At the same time, popular singing has become more and more diversified in its development. In order to better promote that local comprehensive colleges and universities in China to further adapt to this new situation in the teaching model, this study starts from the definition and extension of the popular singing concept in China. Then this study takes representative colleges and universities as an example to analyze the present teaching situation of popular singing major in local comprehensive colleges and universities, and makes an investigation from the perspective of teachers and students, as well as puts forward some suggestions on the teaching model of popular singing major. This study can reform the current teaching model of popular singing in comprehensive colleges and universities from an innovative point of view so as to improve ways of the teaching curriculum system of popular singing.


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