Use and Management System of Large-scale Machinery and Equipment Based on Teaching Process of Colleges and Universities

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Tao Wang
Tao Huang


Machinery and Equipment, Management Index, Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP), Entropy Weight Method, Impact Factor


Since the beginning of the new century, our country has made more efforts and attached increasing importance to colleges and universities. The number and scale of various large-scale equipment in the teaching process of colleges and universities are also growing rapidly and steadily. However, the management of these large scale machinery and equipment is still dominated by traditional manual management mode, and there are practical problems existing in the use and management system such as low use efficiency, unreasonable purchase and obvious management loopholes. Based on these conditions, this paper takes the management system of largescale machinery and equipment as the research direction, and proposes financial index, internal process index, scientific research development index and interest-related index to construct an index system structure, then it uses a combined algorithm which integrated the improved Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) with the entropy weight method to calculate the impact factors of each index, at last, this paper puts forward specific countermeasures and suggestions according to the size of the impact factors, in the hopes of providing support for the use and management of equipment in the teaching process of colleges and universities.


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