Innovative Education Method of the Integration of Cultural Communication and Dance Art Design

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Dongfang Zheng
Yue Zhao


Harmony of Body and Mind, • Dance Art, Language Culture, Fusion Innovation


Based on the theory of “harmony of body and mind” traditional culture, this paper combines the traditional Chinese language culture with the expression of dance art. By embedding various aspects of expression elements of language into the classroom of dance art, students can appreciate the dance art while achieving the purpose of learning Chinese language culture. Based on this idea, an integrated innovative teaching method is developed, which is then tentatively applied in the domestic and international Chinese language culture communication classrooms. The results show that the combination of Chinese language culture in the dance teaching of ethnic minorities in China is conducive to enhancing students’ learning enthusiasm, especially for the spreading of traditional culture. In foreign countries, the learning effect and learning interest among primary and middle school students, college students and adults are improved by more than 2 times when traditional Chinese dance, local dance teaching and Chinese language culture are integrated. Therefore, the integration of dance art teaching and Chinese language culture is of great help to improve students’ oral learning and practical application, which is of great significance to traditional communication and inheritance.


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