Quality Evaluation Method of College Graduates' Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education Based on the Principle of Brain Neurology

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Fangjing Li


Innovation and Entrepreneurship Education, Quality Evaluation, BP Neural Network


Under the historical background of the national development strategy of mass entrepreneurship and innovation, the education of innovation and entrepreneurship has gradually become an important indicator to evaluate the quality of talent cultivation in colleges and universities. To expand the evaluation methods of innovation and entrepreneurship education in colleges and universities, this paper adopts literature analysis, case analysis, BP neural network method and other research methods. Focusing on the research of quality evaluation methods of college graduates’ innovation and entrepreneurship education, based on a brief introduction of innovation and entrepreneurship education, teaching quality evaluation and artificial neural network, this paper combines expert questionnaires and interview results, and establishes a three-level college graduate innovation and entrepreneurship education evaluation index system. Based on BP neural network, an evaluation model of innovation and entrepreneurship education based on BP neural network has been established, and the tourism major of S University is selected as an example to apply the innovation and entrepreneurship education evaluation model constructed in this paper. By integrating qualitative analysis with quantitative analysis, the quality of innovation and entrepreneurship education is evaluated,and corresponding improvement suggestions are put forward for the evaluation results.


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