Scientist-Image Stereotypes: The Relationships among their Indicators

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Sedat Karaçam


Visual image, Science, Scientist image, Image stereotype, Middle-school students


The aim of this study is to examine primary school students’ scientist-image stereotypes by considering the relationships among indicators. A total of 877 students attending Grades 6 and 7in Düzce, Turkey participated in this study. The Draw-A-Scientist Test (DAST) was implemented during the 2013-2014 academic year to determine students’ images about scientists. The data obtained through DAST was coded using DAST-C. The relationships among indicators of scientist-image stereotypes were analyzed using the chi-squared test. The results of analysis showed some relationships among the indicators of scientist-image stereotypes. Also, the indicator of untidy hair was found to be a core indicator among students who participated in this study. According to the findings, students had different tendencies regarding the image of a scientist. Thus, the analysis that was used in this study could also be implemented to determine the tendencies of students from different cultures and grades. On the other hand, this analysis approach, which was able to provide some core indicators, could guide future studies that aim to revise students’ scientist-image stereotypes.


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