Ideological and Political Education in Curriculum of Traffic Engineering: An Example of Traffic Environmental Impact Assessment Course

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Jinxing Shen
Junjie Qi
Genghua Ma
Changjiang Zheng


Ideological and Political Education in Curriculum, Teaching Reform, Traffic Engineering Education, Traffic Environmental Impact Assessment Curriculum


Nowadays, the traditional specialized teaching methods in college are no longer suitable for the requirement of talent training in our new age while academic curriculum studying is always divorced from ideological and political education for the most time. Under the concept of ideological and political education in curriculum, research is conducted in this paper to study the approaches and methods for teachers to implement this education mode, with which teachers can impart academic knowledge and perform ideological and political education at the same time. Combined with the characteristics of traffic environmental impact assessment course, this paper will also try to estimate teaching practice and effects of ideological and political education. Based on its requirements, from the perspectives of teaching goals, contents of curriculum and school evaluation respectively. The results indicate that if academic teaching can embrace ideological and political education in curriculum, the separation between two will be relieved in some degree and the synergy will be formed on both of them. In addition, some teaching methods should be improved during the teaching process towards the teaching goals of ideological and political education in curriculum. As for teachers, it is necessary to sort out and adjust the syllabus, contents and methods of teaching, especially to optimize the teaching material and evaluation mechanism of learning effect.


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