Outcomes-Based Evaluation of Graduation Requirements for Traffic Engineering Education: An Example of Road Traffic Safety Course

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Jinxing Shen
Yanan Liu
Genghua Ma
Junjie Qi
Changjiang Zheng


Outcomes-Based Evaluation, Engineering Education Accreditation, Graduation Requirements, Road Traffic Safety Curriculum


Outcomes-based evaluation of graduation requirements can provide foundations for continuous improvement of professional education, and is the core requirement of the engineering education accreditation. According to the graduation requirements for traffic engineering education, outcomes-based evaluation is carried out in this paper using the exam scores analytical method and rubrics method. Taking road traffic safety course as an example, based on the analysis of the relationship between graduation requirements and curriculum contents, graduation requirement evaluation indicator and weight coefficient of connected curriculum contents are determined. Then, test scores of 169 students, who have taken this course in the past three years, were selected to calculate the achievement of each evaluation indicator point based on exam scores analytical method. Moreover, on the basis of 162 valid questionnaires, the quantitative evaluation data of the graduation requirements for the curriculum contents are calculated. And the rubrics evaluation value, evaluation opinions and the feedback of key teachers are obtained using rubrics method. The research in this paper can provide guidance to better improve the quality of course construction and meet the graduation requirements of engineering education accreditation.


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