Impact of Data Analysis on the Business Administration Education Reform in Teaching Style

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Bai Yang
Wei Chen


Big Data, Business Administration Education, Interaction, Reform Driving


With the innovation development of the science and technology, the human society has stepped into the big data era when it is the teaching demand and future trend to apply and develop the big data in business administration education. Against the backdrop of the big data era, objective analysis of college teaching style reform is the key to determine the relationship between the big data and the business administration education, thus promoting the bilateral common development. This paper firstly introduces the theories about the big data and business administration education, then explains the relationship and action mechanism between these two, and finally explores the the big data’s driving force in reform of teaching, learning, evaluation, management, research & development and service in business administration education. This paper not only ascertains the role of big data in business administration education informationization, but also spurs further synergic development of the big data and university or college education.


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