Impacts on Statistics Education in Big Data Era

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Yanling Li
Chunyan Huang
Ling Zhou


Big Data, Statistics Education, Teaching Mode, Challenges and Opportunities


In recent years, the development of computer and Internet has brought the amount of information to an unprecedented extent, and the world has entered the era of big data. The emergence of big data has epochmaking significance for statistics. Featuring diversity, scale and high speed, the big data makes up for the disadvantages (high cost and high error) of statistics. However, this does not mean that the age of statistics is over, and the processing of big data still needs to rely on statistical methods. The age of big data brings both opportunities and new challenges to the development of statistics. This paper analyzes the relationship between big data and statistics, discusses the change of statistics teaching mode and teaching concept in the era of big data, analyzes the impact of big data on statistics and summarizes some problems existing in the research and teaching about big data


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