The Demand Forecast and Education Modes of DecisionMaking Accounting Personnel–A Case Study

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Shengnan Zhang


Accounting Personnel, Personnel Demand Forecasting, Accounting Personnel Training Mode, Anhui Region


Accountants, as personnel needed by any enterprises and institutions, have a very broad prospect of employment. However, accounting professionals are currently subject to oversupply and employment difficulties. The reason is that the accounting personnel required by enterprises have changed from the traditional accounting-type personnel to management decision-making personnel who adapt to the economic development. In response to this problem, this paper adopts the methods of literature, questionnaire survey, induction and summarization, etc. for survey and analysis on the demand of management decision-making accounting personnel in the Anhui Region. Based on the survey results, we analyze the forecasts on the current demand for management decision-making accounting personnel and, based on the survey results, put forward approaches for the cultivation of management decision-making personnel and designed the experimental teaching system for management decision-making personnel so as to provide the cultivation of management decision-making personnel meeting the requirements for the development of the Anhui Region and the demands of enterprises in this region with some guidance and suggestions.


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