Patent Education and System Construction in Research Universities

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Dongli Tan
Xinming Cao
Guangyao He


Research university, Patent, Education, Construction


The global economy and culture competition in the 21st century is becoming increasingly fierce and the essence of this is the competition of knowledge and talents. Therefore, the protection of patent rights and the cultivation of talents with patent knowledge are becoming more important. Colleges and universities are the training base for talents and they are the hub for turning knowledge into actual productivity. It is of great significance for the improvement of students’ quality and scientific and technological progress to extensively implement patent education in research universities which attach great emphasis on the cultivation of innovative talents. However, China’s patent education started relatively late, and there are still many problems in the actual development process. This paper investigates the status quo of education, summarizes and analyzes the existing problems and draws on the experience of patent education in developed countries through the research on patent education in research universities in a province. Also, this paper proposes the suggestions for the construction of patent education in research universities in China from the perspective of breaking through the educational concept and enriching the structure of teachers.


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