Research and Innovation on Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools in Tourism Education

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Yan Chen


Tourism Education, Chinese-Foreign Cooperation in Running Schools (CFCRS), Study Abroad


With the rapid development of economy, people’s demands for tourism cultural life have been increasing, and the Chinese-foreign cooperation in running schools (CFCRS) in tourism education has also developed rapidly following the prosperity of tourism. This kind of school-running model has also experienced a difficult process of adjustment while invigorating the traditional education in China. In order to facilitate the development of CFCRS in tourism education, this paper studies the CFCRS model of tourism education, finding that in China’s current CFCRS of tourism education, there exist the problems of conflicting teaching concepts and unreasonable professional curriculum design. Then, in response to these existing problems, the systematic suggestions for optimizing existing education models were proposed, such as strengthening government review, integrating the school-running concepts of both parties, and establishing an effective evaluation system etc.


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