Adoption of e-Learning in Indonesian Higher Education: Innovation or Irritation?

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Herry Porda Nugroho Putro
Sutarto Hadi
Ismi Rajiani
Ersis Warmansyah Abbas


E-learning, technology, performance, lecturer, Indonesia.


Advancement of information technology has led a growing number of companies to use a digital approach to learning management. Indonesian universities are following the trend by adopting e-learning to boost lecturers’ performance. However, e-learning is not without challenges and failures for the technology cannot be perceived as a solution to all problems.  This study investigated the influential adoption factors to adopt e-learning in higher education   from the perspective of technology, people and organization. The empirical data, which consisted of 320 valid datasets were collected from lecturers in Indonesia via a self-administered paper-based questionnaire, and Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) was employed to analyze the collected data. The finding of this research advanced our understanding of the dynamics of e-learning and refined the existing conclusions about perspectives of educators towards the adoption process of e-learning. Further, the current gaps between developed and developing countries on the adoption of e-learning provide an original reference on how technology, organization, and people sides influence the individuals’ behaviors when adopting new technology.


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