A Research on the Status Quo of PCK Structure and Construction of Structural Model of Pre-service Middle School English Teachers

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Tuanhua Lu
Sanitah Mohd. Yusof


Teacher’s knowledge, students’ knowledge, curriculum knowledge, teacher behaviour, and pedagogical content knowledge.


The purpose of this study was to ascertain the significance of the current state of the PCK structure for pre-service middle school English instructors in China. It was determined that Chinese English teachers were having difficulties because they were unfamiliar with the importance of the PCK structure. This study used a quantitative approach, and data were gathered from the target group using a questionnaire. The sample size for this study was 720, and the target demographic of English teachers responded at 40%. This study finds that instructors’ knowledge of the study’s background, teachers’ knowledge of students’ mental abilities, and teachers’ curriculum knowledge all play a crucial role in influencing teachers’ conduct and pedagogical content knowledge for students. Additionally, this study demonstrates that if teachers know the educational objectives, they will produce more successful tactics. This study is both theoretical and practical in nature, as it addresses a theoretical gap in the literature and makes substantial recommendations for improving the performance of middle school English teachers.


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