English Flipped Classroom Teaching Model Based on Cooperative Learning

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Lili Zhang


Flipped Classroom, College English, Learning Behavior Engagement, Cooperative Learning, Empirical Study


The ultimate goal of English teaching is to cultivate students with strong language application ability. The traditional mode of teaching and learning in College English classroom can no longer meet the requirements of College English teaching reform. Cooperative learning model can help teachers eliminate the disadvantages of traditional English teaching and provide students with an open and free space, which is in good agreement with the flipped classroom teaching model. The flipped classroom teaching mode based on cooperative learning can improve students’ autonomous learning ability and communication ability, and it also can cultivate their innovative thinking and team spirit. In this paper we conduct an empirical study on the influencing factors of teaching satisfaction, the relationship between learning behavior engagement and academic achievement under the flipped classroom teaching mode based on cooperative learning. It proves that the application of cooperative learning model in College English flipped classroom will bring a more efficient classroom to teachers and students.


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