Teaching Method of Vocational Ability Education for Financial Management Professionals

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Yemeng Sun


Financial Management, Vocational Skills, Curriculum, Accounting


With the rapid development of the knowledge economy, there is an increasing demand for financial management professionals. Only by continuously learning and knowing the most cutting-edge financial knowledge and professional skills can they keep up with the development of the times. From the perspective of professional ability, the research in this paper knows the requirements for the experience, skills and level of financial management professionals and the actual situation and drawbacks of the development of this professional course in adult higher education at this stage with the aid of the survey research method. Under the support of basic theories, such as the development of education theory and core professional competence theory, this paper analyzes the causes of the drawbacks in the curriculum and proposes effective reform strategies, thus achieving the purpose of improvement of this course and ensuring that the curriculum setting is more focused and practical. Finally, this paper is of great value to the improvement of the professional level of financial management professionals.


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