Establishment of the Practical Education System for Civil Engineering Majors in Local Colleges and Universities under the Emerging Engineering Background

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Wenxiu Hao
Jing Yuan
Xiao Xu


Emerging Engineering, Civil Engineering, Local Universities and Colleges, Collaborative Mode, Practical Education


With the gradual advancement of the “trilogy” for the construction of emerging engineering disciplines in China, local universities and colleges should proactively explore the education system for civil engineering majors in line with the development of emerging engineering disciplines, so as to cultivate practice and innovative civil engineering professionals who catches up with the fast-changing times. In this paper, a “six-collaboration” model was proposed for the practical education of civil engineering majors in local colleges and universities, including “serial-parallel collaboration”, “radiation-type collaboration”, “campus-enterprise collaboration”, “Internet collaboration”, “international collaboration”, and ” agricultural characteristic collaboration”, which meets the requirements of the growth of “emerging engineering disciplines”. Since the implementation of the “six-collaboration” practical education system, sound results have been perceived, for which this paper serves as reference for the development of the practical education system of local colleges and universities.


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