Teaching Model Innovation of Leisure Sports Major Based on Diversified Teaching

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Ming Xie


Diversified Teaching, Leisure Sports (LS), Talent Training, Field Research


At present, during the process of leisure sports (LS) talents training in China, the training model cannot meet the actual market demand, which restricts the development of LS industry. In view of this situation, this paper, based on the current development of LS talent training in China, analyses the necessity and urgency of introducing diversified teaching model in the process of LS teaching. Then, through the field research on several selected physical education colleges, it further analyses the current needs and problems existing in the training process of LS talents. Finally, the innovative design path of college LS professional teaching model based on the diversified teaching method was constructed. The results show that the introduction of a diversified teaching model has a positive effect on promoting the construction of a comprehensive training system for LS in China and accelerating the healthy development of the LS industry.


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