Effect of English Corpus on Reform of College English Teaching and the Improvement of Students’ Vocabulary Competence

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Song Wang
Xiangfa Zeng


Vocabulary, Corpus •, English Teaching Reform, Teaching Mode


English vocabulary is the basis of language learning. Traditional vocabulary teaching is stereotypical and boring, without sufficient language skills and language knowledge. In this context, the development of corpus provides a platform for the English teaching reform, weakening the defects of traditional vocabulary teaching. Authenticity and practicality of corpus can greatly enhance students’ interest in learning. For this, this paper studies the effect of the English corpus on college English teaching reform and the improvement of students’ vocabulary competence. The research results show that the implementation of English vocabulary teaching reform based on corpus-assisted platform enhances students’ self-learning enthusiasm and increases the internal driving force of students’ English learning; through the comparison of the results before and after the corpus teaching experiment, it’s found that the in the corpus-based English vocabulary teaching mode, the students’ English performance is significantly improved. This study shall provide the theoretical basis for the popularization of corpus in English teaching.


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