Foreign Language Education in Colleges and Universities Based on Globalization Background

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Xuekun Hu


Globalization, College English Teaching, Thinking Mode, Teaching Reform


The advent of the era of globalization has made people’s social interactions cross the boundaries between regions and nations, therefore, foreign language teaching is particularly important in this context. Mastering new ways of communication is only the surface value of foreign language learning, increasing new thinking modes and improving thinking skill are the deep value of foreign language learning. This paper takes college English teaching and thinking mode as the starting point to study the foreign language education in colleges and universities under the background of globalization. Based on behaviorist psychology, this paper investigates and analyzes the current situation of college English teaching and college students’ thinking mode transformation, and puts forward reform methods for college English teaching which serves the transformation of students’ thinking mode. The research results show that there is a divergence between current college English teaching and the transformation of college students’ thinking mode. To promote the transformation of college students’ thinking, college English teaching should be reformed from three aspects: teaching concept, teaching content and teaching method. This research enriches the theoretical research of college English teaching and has important and far-reaching significance for the reform of college English practice teaching.


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