Application and Innovation of the "Guidance-LearningInteraction" Teaching Mode in College English Teaching

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Yanhui Guo
Jia Qiu


Guidance-Learning-Interaction, Teaching Mode, College English Teaching, Application Innovation


As the universal language of the world, English has played an increasingly important role in the communication process between China and other countries around the world. However, the classroom teaching of English in colleges and universities in China has many problems, which are affecting the teaching effect of English in colleges and universities, such as the content of English teaching is too abstract, the teaching activities are relatively simple, and the classroom activities are dominated by teachers. Therefore, this paper combines the “guidance-learning-interaction” teaching mode to study its influence on the teaching effect of college English during the process of English classroom teaching in colleges and universities in China. This paper first briefly summarizes the significance of the research, the current situation, methods, ideas and related core concepts of the “guidance-learning-interaction” teaching, second, it studies the operating procedures and teaching strategies of college English teaching activities under the “guidance-learning-interaction” teaching mode; at last, it takes the teaching of New Horizon College English Volume 2 as an example to analyze the “guidance-learninginteraction” teaching. The results show that the “guidance-learning-interaction” teaching mode in college English teaching activities can help improve students’ academic performance and cultivate students’ inquiry spirit and cooperation consciousness. We hope this study can provide supports and references for effectively improving college students’ abilities in English listening, speaking, reading and writing.


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