Analysis of the Effectiveness of the Teaching Reform of Western Cultural History for College Students

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Hongyan Du


Western Cultural History, Teaching Reform


The course of cultural history in colleges and universities is an important carrier of campus cultural education, which can not only enhance the cultural atmosphere and details of colleges and universities, but also enhance the level of cultural education of college students. On the basis of inheriting and carrying forward traditional Chinese culture, continuously deepening the study and understanding of western cultural history can promote the development of cultural education in colleges and universities. This paper analyzes the current situation of the teaching of western cultural history in colleges and universities, and finds that there are some problems, such as weak teachers, students’ inadequate attention to the curriculum, and unreasonable curriculum teaching and setting. The teaching of western cultural history in colleges and universities can be reformed by increasing the number of teaching hours, setting up online courses, and strengthening the training of teachers. The two classes of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics are selected for comparative analysis, which shows that the performance of the classes with teaching reform is significantly higher than that without teaching reform, indicating that the teaching reform is successful and its effect is significant. The research results have great practical significance and guiding role in improving the teaching quality of western cultural history in colleges and universities.


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